'I am simply a 'book drunkard.' Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.' L.M. Montgomery

'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone


Natalie's Overnight Caramelized French Toast 
Scotch Eyeballs

Christmas Candy Popcorn
Marshmallow Puffs
Homemade Butterfinger Bars

Newfoundland Style Split Pea Soup w/doughboys
Kinlock Castle Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup
Italian Wedding Soup
Celery Soup
Spicy Tuscan Soup
Farmhouse Vegetable Soup
Chicken Bisque

Pumpkin Pie
Lime Meringue 
Sour Cherry Pie
Fresh, Fresh Peach Pie

Main Dishes
Rinktum Tiddy
Red Bunny
Chicken Sputnik
Chicken Scratch
Crispy Pancetta and Scallions Pasta
Chicken with Lemon and Mushrooms 
Spaghetti Alla Cacio E Pepe
Cheese Ravioli with Garlic, Mushroom and Rosemary Sauce
Cast Iron Skillet Pizza  
Pasta al Forno con Pomodri e Mozzarella
Smothered Pork Chops
Italian Beef Stew
Whisky Chicken
Indian Corn Stew
Chicken Cassoulet

Tomato Mac and Cheese 
Tomato Pie
Two Week Slaw

Baked Goods
Celtic Oatmeal-Coconut Crunch Tea Cake
Old Fashion Doughnuts
Lemon Cake
PMS Cookies
Chewy Granola Bars
Vanilla Buttercream frosting
Italian Anisette Cookies 
No Eggs Peach Cake

Raspberry Cranachan
Energy Bars (Cliff, Lara, Whole Grain & Nut bars)
Seasoned Crackers

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