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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Spring or Winter?

We've had such mild weather here for the month of January. Beautiful days up to 67*! The flowers and the birds are so confused! My bulbs are all coming up!

The robins have come back by the droves! I got up one morning and the back yard was covered in them. I started counting and gave up at 30! Tried to get pics but they are a bit blurry and I was scaring them away

A town near Knoxville was having trouble with Starlings. They came back by the thousands and were hanging around really making a nuisance so they had to get out the big guns! Some kind of propane things that make really loud booms and after a couple days of that the birds moved on. That would have been something to see!

We did have a three day cold snap early on with a bit of snow and the birds were flocking like crazy to the feeders during the bitter cold! One day we had 6 male cardinals and 6 females at the feeders! Junco's and one Rufous-sided Towhee even showed up! That was a first for my feeders.

 The Towhee 

Mr. & Mrs. Downy Woodpecker together!

Titmice. I love these little birds!

Red Finch

Nuthatch, another of my favorites!

Mrs. Cardinal and a dove.
But this morning we woke up to heavy frost. Winter is back! Seasonal temps expected now, which isn't bad for winter here. In the forties during the day and thirties at night. If the bitter cold brings the birds like it did those few days the first of the month though, I won't complain about it. I never get tired of watching them!


  1. I envy you your birds! Last fall, I heard some rustling in the fallen leaves as we were walking. I looked under the bush and saw a Towhee! I'd only seen a few of them, even when we lived in Marshfield. This week we've seen a Junco in the demolition site (we don't have wildlife friendly gardens or lawns around our house). That was pretty exciting, too. Usually it's just sparrows, pigeons, starlings, and robins, with the occasional hawk.

  2. Love seeing all of the birds you have in your area during the winter. I just saw my first hummingbird of the winter/spring, and it made my day!

    1. I was surprised at how many we have had, Paula. Maybe because its been very mild.

  3. I'm also envious of your bird population, they're all exotic to me!

    1. And your birds seemed so exotic to me! I was fascinated by the rooks!

  4. The nuthatches haven't been around much here this winter. The purple (why do they call a red bird purple?!) is NH's state bird. I just heard a report about starlings. You may listen here http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2017/01/27/poisoning-starlings

  5. I'm updating my comment: Yesterday we went to visit my niece and her family at their little farm in Bucks County, PA, and we saw a flock of bluebirds! I was thrilled!

    1. That is so exciting, Joan! I've only ever seen a bluebird once and only one at that. In my neighbors yard last spring. Maybe I'll see more this spring.

  6. Really fantastic! The red finch and so many robins! The nuthatches aren't so popular here, in South America.
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