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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner

Into the rarefied atmosphere of the Hotel du Lac timidly walks Edith Hope, romantic novelist and holder of modest dreams. Exiled form home after embarrassing herself and her friends, Edith has refused to sacrifice her ideals and remains stubbornly single. But among the pampered women and minor nobility Edith finds Mr. Neville, and her chance to escape from a life of humiliating spinsterhood is renewed...

This was my first Anita Brookner. I keep seeing glowing reviews of her work on the blogs. I see why now! I did enjoy this delicious little story. The question Edith ponders most, as she reflects on her life in exile, is 'what behavior most becomes a woman'.  Nearing 60, children all grown and parents deceased, I found myself joining in Edith's soul searching and wondering these things about myself. I enjoyed this book and found it quite satisfying. Will be looking for more by this author.

Peggy Ann


  1. I read this one way back when it won the Booker prize in 1984. I did enjoy it but I would probably get more out of it if I read it again as I now have so much more in common with Edith.

  2. Considering my current season of life, this book sounds quite interesting. I am not familiar with this author, but I will definitely put this on my "to read" on Goodreads.


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