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Monday, November 28, 2016

Suddenly at his Residence by Christianna Brand

Where There's a Will...
In the luscious height of an English summer, Grandfather is found dead in the little Grecian Lodge among the rose gardens of the estate. Inspector Cockrill has reason to believe that Sir Richard met with an untimely death, and that the evildoer is among the genteel family gathered at the rural manor. But why on earth would one of the loving brood do such a dreadful thing? Simple: the night he died, cantankerous Sir Richard was arranging to disinherit his offspring for the umpteenth time. Someone took murderous steps to protect their own interest. But the murderer left no scuff in the carefully raked sand paths, no trace on the manicured lawns of Swanswater.
...There's a way - to Die.
Meanwhile, Philip and Claire have fallen madly in love, which just isn't cricket. The lawyer is fending off the advances of the heiress apparent. And young Edward isn't much help, with his tendency towards amnesia and fugues. It's all in the family, but it's up to Inspector Cockrill to make sure it doesn't stay a family secret.

This was a fun read, loads of quirky characters and set during WWII! A good solid locked room mystery and it could have been any one of them! Edward is a half cousin and his parents died in an accident when he was very small. He was pampered and coddled and he learned very young, that if he feigned 'mental episodes' he got lots of sympathy. By the time he was grown he wasn't sure what was real and what was imagined in his mental health. This enabled wonderful bits with Edward not knowing if he killed grandfather or not! A grand romp you'll be happy to read!

This one counts for Bev's Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt Gold - Blue Object. The dead body in the window is a ghostly blue figure! This makes 11 for the challenge!

Peggy Ann


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