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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

Playing along with Diane over @Bibliophile By the Sea this week!
Each Tuesday she hosts First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros. Post the first paragraph or two of the book your reading or want to read soon.

Today I'm starting An Inspector Cockrill Mystery: Suddenly at His Residence by Christianna Brand.

'Edward Travis sat in a darkened room blissfully pouring out his soul to the latest new psychoanalyst- dramatically escaped (some fifteen years ago) from enemy-occupied Austria. 'Yes, I'm nearly eighteen, doctor. I've come to see you quite secretly because usually my grandmother will insist on coming with, and she goes and tells a lot of stupid details which aren't in the least interesting... My grandmother? Oh, she's Lady March, my grandfather's Sir Richard March. Only, you see, their daughter, that's my mother, was an illegit. Of course, she and my father were quite properly married and all that...'

'Nevertheless, this stain of illegitimacy you haf brooooded over, my poor boy?'

'Oh, good lord, yes, I suppose I have,' said Edward, who had hardly ever thought of it as affecting himself. 'And then, you see, the frightful thing was that my parents were drowned in a boating accident, and I saw it happen...'

Would this draw you in?


Peggy Ann


  1. I like the opening a lot and would keep reading. I especially like the way the author shows the analyst's accent.
    My Tuesday post features A MAN CALLED OVE.

  2. Not quite sure this calling to me. I'd have to read a little more to be sure.

  3. I'd give this a chance... sounds like it could be a good one. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. So glad u joined in Peggy. I'm curious about this one and hope u r enjoying it.

  5. I would keep reading. This is a new to me series/author.

  6. sounds intriguing. By the way, I lve the nature/woody look of your blog ;-)

  7. Yes, that first paragraph drew me in. I want to know more about this series.

  8. Yes that is a good opener and by an author I haven't tried myself - thanks for sharing.


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