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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coo's in the Middle of the Road!

And now back to our show...
Scotland again...

After leaving Plockton we ran into this on the wee skinny road out...

The ultimate Scottish experience! Trying to get around momma and her white calf, momma turned and started to ram towards our car so we just sat and waited for an opportune moment to scoot by. I was petting this little white calf as he stood by my window and grazed. The women in the first photos is just someone else who had been stopped by the cows.


  1. I love the cows in the road. Amazing that they are not one bit afraid of cars or people.

  2. It was a scary moment as I recall. Jack just got too close to that calf and mummy cow let him know she wasn't happy about it!


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