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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Chessmen by Peter May

from back cover...
Now permanently resettled on the island of his birth in the Outer Hebrides, ex-detective Inspector fin Macleod has been employed by a local landowner to oversee security on a sizable estate. His security detail at the Red River Estate brings Fin into contact with elusive local poacher and former school friend Whistler Macaskill.
  As Fin pursues Whistler across the moors, they are forced into temporary shelter by a massive storm. When they emerge the next morning, they are greeted by the aftermath of a free natural phenomenon - a 'bog burst' - that has drained an entire loch of its water, revealing a mud-encased light aircraft in its wake. Struggling through the muck, Fin and Whistler are appalled by what they find inside: the body of their friend and former bandmate Roddy Mackenzie, whose single-prop plane disappeared in the area more than seventeen years earlier-just as Roddy was becoming an international rock star. Worse, the condition of the skeletal remains makes it clear Roddy was murdered rather than killed in the crash.
  As he closes in on the truth behind the death of Roddy Mackenzie, Fin is confronted by the ghosts of his youth-and by the painful and unexpected ways in which the events of the past have warped the contours of the present.

Another great read by Peter May! His characters are so well drawn and the settings are so real. I always have trouble putting one of his books down. I especially liked the unveiling of the deep friendship and connection between Fin and Whistler in this one. Several very sad things happen in this one. I'm sorry this is the last in the series with Fin. I enjoy 'visiting' him!

Picked up coffin Road while in Scotland this summer though so I have that to look forward to and Entry Island is waiting on the shelf too!

This makes number 19 for Read Scotland 2016. Two more to go to meet my level.

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  1. I loved the Lewis Trilogy by Peter May. I was very sorry to see this series end, and keep hoping the writer will revisit Finley MacLeod. The sense of place is great, the plots interesting and character development superb.

    I can't wait to read Coffin Road.


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