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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Chess Men by Peter May

I read The Chessmen by Peter May last week and completely forgot to tell you all! I'm slipping up!
I think most of you know about Peter May's Lewis Trilogy. I've reported on the first two and this is the last one in the series.

Fin MacLeod is living full time back on the island of his birth in the Outer Hebrides. No longer a police officer, he takes a job on a local estate to oversee security, catch poachers that is. His first detail brings him back in touch with an old school friend Whistler Macaskill, an elusive poacher they've been trying to catch.

As Fin is pursuing Whistler across the moors, they are forced into temporary shelter by a massive storm. When they come out in the morning, they are greeted by the aftermath of a freak natural phenomenon - a bog burst - that has drained the entire loch of its water, revealing a mud-encased light aircraft in its wake. Inside is the body of their friend and former bandmate from high school, Roddy Mackenzie. Roddy's plane disappeared in the area more than seventeen years earlier, just as he was becoming an international rock star. That's not all though, the condition of the skeletal remains makes it clear Roddy was murdered rather than killed in the crash.

Whistler and Fin's friendship picks up where it left off. I loved the relationship between these two! We learn a lot about Fin as the story twists and turns to the stunning conclusion. Lots of surprises in this one, not all happy. Another great read by May.

This makes 20 so far for Read Scotland!

I started an Aline Templeton book, Past Praying For, before this one. I love her DI Marjorie Fleming books. This one is a stand alone. I read about 1/3 of it and gave up. I just couldn't get into it or like any of the characters. I was crawling through it as I had to make myself pick it up so I finally gave up and picked up The Chessmen and whizzed through that one! Maybe I'll try the Templeton book again at a later date.

Peggy Ann


  1. I quite enjoyed Aline Templeton's Night and Silence but it didn't make me want to rush to read more soon. I haven't read anything by Peter May though - I really must.

    1. I'm sure your library has his books, Katrina! You will love them.

  2. I have had the first book in this trilogy for quite a while and still have not read it. I guess it will be one I read in 2017. Are you doing the Read Scotland challenge in 2016?

    1. That's a good question, Tracy. I've been wondering myself. Maybe on Goodreads. Doesn't seem to have many hooking up on here. I'd better hurry and make up my mind! You'll love Peter May's books.

  3. I read the Lewis Trilogy in the spring and loved it, great writing, descriptions of the environment, character developments, history and plotting. I went into a "post-good-book" slump after that, missing Finley MacLeod.
    Now I'm reading the stand-alone set on the Isle of Lewis and Harris by Peter May. Gosh, I love this writing and this island. His descriptions of every scene make me want to pick up and fly there.

  4. I mean to say I'm reading "Coffin Road."


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