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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Smoky Mountain National Park

First day out with Shelley and her dad was to the Smokies. We took Shelley in May, but her dad hadn't been.

Mountain Ash trees full of berries! Just gorgeous. Park volunteer said the bears love these and that the trees only berry every so many years, but I'm not sure about that. I couldn't find anything online that said that. He also told us because they were available this year the bear would be out and Cade's Cove would be the place to see them at dusk. So we hot-footed it down there and guess what no Mountain Ash in Cade's Cove! They don't grow below 5,000ft. in the Appalachians! I think they need to train their volunteers a little better! But we did see bear! Here's a bit about the Mountain Ash.

wild turkey

Shelley and dad

Bossman and Tom

Me and Shelley, co-horts in crime!
 BEARS! Bossman was grumbling about not going to see any bears, that ranger rang your bell, yada yada, yada. I prayed, God, just let us see one bear, just one and it will shut him up and Shelley and Dad will be thrilled. Well because He's so good, He gave us three! A momma and her twins! We were way too close to them, but the whole group that pulled off was. When someone sights the wildlife and pulls off everyone stops and gets out of their cars and comes to see too. Sorry the pics are a little blurry. The twin cubs were such a joy to watch playing! This is in Cade's Cove and I'll be posting pics from their tomorrow but I couldn't wait to show you the bears!


  1. It will be a miracle if I ever make it back to Tennessee. We just don't travel that much. But you have shown me many many things I would love to see. The only thing I ever did in Tennessee was go camping in the Smoky Mountains State Park (in my early twenties), and I remember it fondly. Lovely pictures, Peggy.

    1. Thanks, Tracy. Just remember when you do retire you always have a room here for sightseeing!

  2. It looks gorgeous and you were so lucky to see the bears. In Scotland we call mountain ash 'rowans' and here they certainly flower around May and so have fruit in the autumn every year. Those are the trees that we plant to keep witches away!


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