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Friday, October 14, 2016


Yesterday I got my hair cut. It's been 4 years since  I started letting it grow out from a pixie. I've never had my hair so long. But it was thin on the ends and stringy. Not attractive at all. A pain to wash and Bossman was always on about being careful about hair in the drains. He wanted me to cut it. So I posted 4 pictures of me with different lengths of hair on Facebook yesterday morning and had them vote.  At my shoulders won.

Here's a pic taken by Shelley last week to see how long my hair was...

The beautician used a straightening iron on my hair so my hair won't always look like this as when the length is off it's rather wavy and wild but here's what I looked like after the cut...

She took 10 inches off! I didn't even realize it was that long. Whitney, the beautician, kept my ponytail to mail off for wigs for women with hair loss issues. She uses a program through Pantene. She said she use to use Locks of Love but found out that they sell the hair and Pantene gives it free. Maybe I'll let it grow again and donate again!

My hair looks so healthy again and I feel like a whole new me!

Peggy Ann


  1. I love your new haircut! It makes you look younger and even prettier than when I met you:) I will write an email soon....life has me covered up at the moment.

  2. Your hair looks very nice shorter, neat and even, but perky.

    I'm shocked about Locks of Love. It's promoted here so much on TV; actors cut off their hair and donate it to them. It is never said that it's sold.

  3. That length looks great on you. I have been wanting to get my hair longer like that but I am always to impatient to grow it out.

  4. I think it looks great, very elegant. You know I hate waste - so it's wonderful that your surplus hair will be of use to someone.


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