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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fantastic Find!

Look what I found today at Book Warehouse! I'm so pumped! Lovely Dover editions of nearly impossible to find (according to Dover) mysteries by R.T. Campbell. Campbell is the pen name of Scottish author Ruthven (pronounced riven) Campbell Todd. Born in Edinburgh in 1914 he was a poet, art critic, scholar and novelist of children's books and science fiction. He wrote eight mysteries in 1945 and 1946 but abandoned detective writing for other literary projects. $2.99 each! Fantastic find! Can't wait to finish The Chessmen to dig into one of these!


  1. I never knew that about the pronunciation of Ruthven, Peggy Ann. Thanks for the info. I thought it was a weird name but now I like it.

  2. That is news to us about the pronunciation as it's definitely just pronounced Ruthven in Fife, you might be right though, it could be different elsewhere. Great haul.


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