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Monday, October 17, 2016

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

When I was young we went to Pinnacle Point at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Middlesboro Kentucky, just over the Tennessee border. The Gap is the where Daniel Boone, in 1775, forged the Wilderness Road and took folks over the Appalachians to Kentucky, Ohio and beyond. For thirty years upwards of 300,000 people migrated west through this narrow natural gap in the great mountain range.

We took Shelley and her dad up a couple weeks ago. It's changed so much since I was last there! We use to go on highway 25E through the gap. When the park was opened in 1955 it was envisioned that that highway would be removed and the Gap and the Wilderness Road would be restored to a 1700's appearance. They completed that vision in 1996. Everything looked so different than I remember except the Pinnacle overlook. There is a place you can stand in three states at once and we have pics of us standing there and it was a concrete path with white lines drawn and the states names on it. We parked in the pinnacle overlook and it was somewhere right there. Now we had to walk almost 2 miles in on a rough path through the woods, the Wilderness Road, to it and it was totally different. I didn't walk it, but Bossman and Tom did and their pics were totally different. There's a beautiful tunnel through the mountain now instead of going over it. I guess there were lots of wrecks on 25E over the years. It was a very windy mountain road. But the steep, windy road to Pinnacle Point hasn't changed! I was terrified on it as a kid!

It's a fascinating part of history and I'm really interested in it as my folks were part of this region and time period although they probably never went over the Gap as they settled in TN.

I'm going to share a few photo's we took and some excellent links you can follow to see more pics and read about this time period of history if your so inclined!

The Gap was utilized by both the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War

Fern Lake off in the distance, in Kentucky

Kentucky to my right looking from Pinnacle Point Overlook

Virginia to my left

Tennessee in the middle. The section circled in red is the road that took us straight
through the mountain via the new tunnel.

Wilderness Road

Check out more...

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Tennessee History for Kids

and of course the two links in the opening paragraph. There is a lot to do here, hiking, history, caves and they do festivals and re-enactments. A nice place for a family vacation!

Peggy Ann

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