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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cade's Cove

We hit Cade's Cove at dusk and the light was gorgeous in the cove/valley! We've been several times and did the Abram's Falls hike several years ago. I'd really like to camp in the campground there and spend several days hiking and roaming around there. It's one of the most beautiful spots in the park. If you just do the driving loop it's bumper to bumper traffic and you creep. There are spots to pull off and hiking trails, but believe me, if you go and do the loop you'll fall in love with the area and want to spend more time there! Click on the link above to read the history of Cade's Cove.

I think this one was the primitive Baptist church.

back of house

living room with fire place, stairs to upstairs on the left of fire place.

 These two photos are the bee apiaries! Just hollowed out logs with a small hole for the bees to get in and out!

The loft and roof.
one of two animal pens at the base
space between the animal pens

If you want to explore all the buildings restored in the Cove look here.  Camping in the park? look here. If your interested you can check out a post from a past trip to the Smokies here.

A side note... Elkmont in the Smoky Mountain National Park is one of only two places in the world that have synchronized fireflies! They do their magic once a year and it last about two weeks! Can't wait for that next year, if we can get in! Looks like you have to sign up for a lottery to get tickets to get in!

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