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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Wigtown and their Martyrs

I made it to Wigtown twice in two days! Alan and I drove through and stopped for lunch on the way to meet Katrina and Jack and then the following day Katrina, Jack and I went back to shop. I was a good girl and only bought three books. There were many 'book shops' but many were just books for sale in cafes etc. There were 3 really nice used book stores. It wasn't quite as nice a town as we had hoped for but we still enjoyed it.

There is a bit of history there too. In the 1600's there was a dispute between church and monarchy over who should be the head of the church, Christ or the king. Five people were executed in Wigtown in 1685 over it, three men and two women. The men were hanged and the woman tied to a stake and drowned in the river. You can read about it here. I got pics of the woman's graves and the stake (not the original) where they were drowned. The river has change course over the century and there's no water to speak of there now. The Wigtown harbour was there in 1600's. I'll start off with the martyrs graves...

The two women are buried here in the fenced in area.


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  1. I'm really glad we got to Wigtown at last, but I don't think I would rush back there as it's so far from everywhere else. It is much better than Hay-on-Wye though - in my opinion - despite having far fewer bookshops.


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