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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ultimate Scottish Experience

On our way back from Plockton up in the Highlands on very skinny roads, we ran into this...

Momma here turned and acted like she was going to charge our car as we tried to shinny by her. Her calf is standing behind her. So we just sat still and waited.

This little one was so close I was petting it as it grazed!


  1. That was quite scary, I thought that mummy cow was going to charge! I had no idea that the cattle around that area just wander around footloose and fancy free!

    1. Always read about it but we never ran into it before. Remember the postcard you sent me with the cow at the phone booth in Plockton! Might have been one of these gals!

  2. Goodness! was someone in charge of them, shifting them to fresh pasture? Looks like plenty of roadside pickings for them.
    Very wise to remain in the car and let them take their time, I would never go near a cow with calf.

    1. Up in the Highlands the animals have free roam, Valerie. Not really sure how those farmers keep tabs on their livestock!


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