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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Plockton, Home of Hamish MacBeth

Plockton is the town where the BBC TV series Hamish MacBeth was filmed, along with Kyle of Lochalsh which I mentioned where the bridge to Skye was in a previous post.  Robert Carlyle played Hamish. It ran for 3 seasons. Did you see it? It was pretty decent.

It's a lovely town, even has palm trees! This is probably one of my top fav places I've been to in Scotland. We ate dinner at The Plockton Inn and it was THE best hamburger I've ever eaten. No shopping here, just a wee tiny corner gift shop and it is the building that was used in the show for the grocery/sundry shop where everyone always convened. We went up to Plockton after spending the day on Skye.

You can watch the whole TV series on Youtube!

Couple shots on the way to Plockton...

Cows were roaming everywhere in this village. Grazing right next to someones back door. Not sure I'd like that, have to watch where you stepped when you hung your laundry out to dry!

The store used in the TV Series

Fuchsia grows like crazy here in Scotland. At home in the States I only ever see it in hanging pots!

Sherlock Holmes is alive and well and living in Plockton!


  1. Plockton looks beautiful. I'm always intrigued to see the NZ "Cabbage Tree" - Cordyline australis - growing in the Northern Hemisphere. I love those fuchsias.

    1. Is that what those trees are, Valerie? Not palm trees! Good to know!

  2. Another great day out and photos Peggy. The only thing that would have made it better was a boat to get onto the loch! Those fuchsias are very hardy, I'm pretty sure they are called Ricartonii and they grow all over Ireland too. You should try to get one in TN it would grow like wildfire - if you water it!

    1. Yes, I'll have to try planting some, Katrina. Next year we will start in on the landscaping. All winter to think about what I want!

  3. I have never heard of that series, but I will definitely check it out!

  4. Lovely village and lovely photos. That fuchsia is amazing!


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