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Friday, September 23, 2016

Mull of Galloway

 I have been trying to go in order with my posts of when I went where, but somehow I seemed to have missed Mull of Galloway! And it was probably my favorite stop! It is the southern most point of Scotland. This was a stop with Alan. There are different currents meeting here at the point, from the Irish Sea, the North Channel and the Solway  So there is a spot where the water is churning pretty good and is dangerous to sail around. (Did I remember that right, Alan?). This peninsula is absolutely gorgeous! There is a lighthouse at the point and a coffee shop and a Royal Society for the Protection of Birds visitor center. You can see the Isle of Man off in the distance.

The road getting there was very narrow. A couple of times we came up on very large lorries (trucks) and I thought for sure we wouldn't make it, but there are passing lay-bys  and you just backup and squeeze into one and suck in your breath real hard! Your really out in the middle of no where here too. We went over a cattle grid and the vehicle started making a terrible noise in one wheel. Yikes! Pulled over and looked at it and didn't see anything hanging down or loose. For a brief minute we thought this might be a little more adventure than we planned on! But when we started down the road again the noise had stopped. Hallelujah!

You can see some of the churning water off the cliff there

The lighthouse has 115 steps and the views are spectacular! Alan doesn't particularly like heights, but he went up with me! I don't like edges so we made a pair! The lighthouse didn't bother me at all but I could never get close to the edge of that cliff there! 

These are the gas tanks that build up the pressure for the fog horn. I don't think they use these anymore though.

Thats the fog horn way down there on the point

another area of churning water where the currents meet

If you get to Scotland, you MUST go to Mull of Galloway!


  1. Spectacular! I'm glad you were taking the photos because I'm afraid of both heights and edges!

    1. It's funny how I could hang over that rail and not be afraid but driving on mountainous roads with deep drops terrifies me! Standing on those cliffs would have been very difficult in deed!

  2. Jack and I MUST go there sometime, you're one up on us!

    1. Yes you do! Alan said it's lovely in winter too.


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