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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Isle of Skye

We dipped into the Isle of Skye one day. Made it as far as Portree. What an experience! The weather was amazing. I have read many times in my Scottish books about smirr. I finally experienced it! It's a fine rain, drizzle.  Along with midges! Nasty little bugs! The rain moved in and out, you could see it coming. Very fine, but soaking, then the sun would pop out and the upside to this was rainbows!

Portree harbour

 This Scania truck thought he could make it but think again! You can see below how tight it was. He's backing out now after thinking better of it. Check out the fella in the back of the truck on the left watching! A little crowd had gathered to watch.

Smirr moving in!

Rainbow in the background here too! Enlarge it

Picked up my snazzy hat at a charity shop on Skye. Jack and I are twins now!

This shot is of the bridge to Skye from Kyle of Lochalsh


  1. Beautiful and famous landscapes - thank you for sharing your photos.


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