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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

East Lomond Hike

We took a hike up one of the 'Paps of Fife'. East Lomond hill is 1,470ft. high. It's a gradual ascent, but believe me you feel it the last way up! Absolutely gorgeous views from up there! Talk about wind! You needed an anchor up there to hold you down!

East Lomond Hill from the road to Falkirk

The wind kept blowing this little bird slowly off the back of this post but he just scrambled right back on.

West Lomond Hill in the distance

Katrina and I. Can you tell how windy it is from our hair!
Falkland in the distance. One of my favorite towns.


  1. That was a good afternoon out. Next time we'll do the West Lomond!

  2. Beautiful views, well worth the climb I'm sure.


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