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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Drown the Wind by Margaret Page Hood

from book jacket...
Andy Bruce was the most hated resident of craggy, windswept Fox Island off the coast of Maine. A tough, vigorous bantam of Yankee shrewdness, he had stepped on the toes of most of his neighbors as he clawed his way to control of the island's property and wealth.

When Andy's body was found one frosty dawn - his skull smashed in by a marlin spike - Gil Donan faced his most baffling case and an almost limitless array of prime suspects:
-Old Bill Pickford, who was about to be destroyed by Andy's latest political coup.
-Bill's wife, Emma, who had tried to temper Andy's ambition and passions by throwing herself on his mercy.
-Letty Peaslee, a pale, delicate beauty whose destiny was under Andy Bruce's sinister control.
-Letty's finance, Jimmie, a handsome, rebellious young man who knew the secret of a sensational real-estate deal Andy was plotting to work out with a Hollywood movie star.

These and a host of other suspects - all of them stubborn, proud, and craftily evasive - force Sheriff Donan to draw upon all his ingenuity and skill to unravel his toughest case.

With keen understanding of Maine islanders and their ways and an infallible ear for their sprightly talk, Margaret Page Hood has created her finest story of murder and suspense. Drown the Wind is the most exciting Gil Donan mystery of all - a splendidly plotted book, rich in characterization, memorable in atmosphere and mood, and sparkling with salty wit.

By the end of the first chapter your rooting for someone, anyone, to murder hateful, egotistical Andy Bruce! Then the fun of finding out who finally had enough and did begins! Another great mystery by Margaret Page Hood! Sadly this is the last Gil Donan book. There's one other mystery set on Fox Island, but it doesn't feature Donan.

I loved all of her books, her sense of place and characterizations are spot on and I devour these little mysteries set in a place I adore. If you haven't read them, try to get your hands on a copy and you'll be hooked too!

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