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Sunday, September 4, 2016


Belted Galloways, a gorgeous heritage cow breed! Went to Dumfries and Galloway to see these wonderful beast as they come from this region. It's a good thing I booked us in at a farm that had a herd as we didn't see any except there! I watched a show on the BBC about trying to bring this breed back into popularity. Known for their white 'belts' and ability to thrive on less than ideal grazing land, they have a thick furry coat that enables them to withstand the harsh weather. They also produce a high quality marbled beef. You can read about them HERE. I've found out there are actually more registered herds in the USA than the UK now!

We got to go out and walk in the field with them. Two of them were in a field by themselves and when we entered the field they came mooing quickly to us so we high tailed it out and got the gate between us. The farmer said he had just taken their 10 month old calves away from them and they were still looking for them. 

This is the bull!

These are the two missing their calves

The farm where stayed. One morning the farmer commandeered me to help him get two sheep from one field to the next. Lots of fun!

I took so many photos of the cows, but can't show you all of them!

Peggy Ann


  1. Loved the cows! Staying at a a real working farm at Scotland sounds like an ideal way to really see how the locals live and work. What a great idea and lots of fun.

    1. It is Shannon, but we didn't stay at the farm much. Of course I stay with 'the locals' every time I go😉. Katrina and Jack are the best!


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