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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ardverikie, Alias Glen Bogle

Have any of you had a chance to see the BBC TV series Monarch of the Glen? It's loosely based on Compton MacKenzie's book. It's a wonderful drama with loads of gorgeous scenery. You can watch episodes on Youtube. Here is for the first episode and here is the Youtube channel of the man who uploaded them and there are many episodes there! Watch it if you can.

The show was filmed at a gorgeous estate, Ardverikie, on Loch Laggan. On our way to Eilean Donan we passed a sign for Newtonmore and I knew that was the town used for 'Glen Bogle'. It was the opposite direction we were going though. As we drove down the road though I saw the gatehouse for the Monarch of the Glen estate 'Glen Bogle' which is in real life Ardverikie. I was so excited! We kept our eyes peeled and soon saw the 'big estate'. Jack pulled over and we scrambled down the hill to Loch Laggan and took pictures! We didn't get any from the front as we couldn't see it from where we were, but it was still thrilling. The loch is a lovely body of water and so peaty brown. We spent a little time roaming around the shore of the loch picking up stones. The estate is now an upscale bed and breakfast and self catering cottages.

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