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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Shrouded Way by Janet Caird

For Elizabeth Cranston, it all started when she discovered that the little fishing village of Mourie in the Scottish Highlands was not the peaceful refuge she had expected. A search for sunken treasure off Mourie's beautiful shore had stirred up greed and suspicion and a strange death struck the quiet village. When Elizabeth stumbled across the key to the mystery, she knew with chilling certainty that her own life would be threatened.

Moving quietly behind the scenes was Crane Maclean, wealthy Laird of Mourie House. His bold good looks and penetrating dark eyes disturbed and excited Elizabeth. But could she trust this enigmatic stranger? What secret role did he play in this sinister plot? Was his irresistible charm just a mask of deceit and a trap for betrayal?

Then one day Elizabeth stepped through the door of Mourie House - into a whirlpool of danger - and love.

This one was originally titled Murder Remote. It starts off with Elizabeth driving up a steep, narrow, mountain road to her Aunt Jenny's. The fog sets in and she can barely see to drive. When she finds a lay by and pulls over there is a road construction vehicle there and in it a dead body. Starts out very atmospheric and maintains it. The story builds a little slow but ends with cram packed action! Another enjoyable gothic by a Scottish author. 

Peggy Ann

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