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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Crimson Patch by Phoebe Atwood Taylor

It was not a nice way to die...
but Rosalie, radio's little face-lifted bunch of personality wasn't very nice.
  Who hated her guts enough to stick them with a whale lance? One of her ex-husbands? Her harassed ghostwriter? Who?
  Rosalie's unfortunate demise on Cape Cod turns a menacing situation into a nightmare and sends Asey Mayo, the Codfish Sherlock, in hair-raising pursuit of a cunning killer who leaves no prints in the fog-bound swamp.

"Phoebe Atwood Taylor can get more fun into a detective story than any writer...and with all the fun there a mystery that is baffling for its own sake."   ~The New York Times

This was my first Asey Mayo mystery and I am hooked! I've been picking them up when I see them at used book stores so I have several on the shelf. Can't wait to dig into another one. I'd like to start with the first one now that I've read number eight first!

Just enough silliness and humor to make it hilarious but not a total screwball comedy. Wonderful characters and Cape Cod atmosphere! I'll enjoy going back to 1930-40's Cape Cod time and time again.

Asey Mayo made supper at one point and he made Cape Cod Barefoot.

"I was just going' to say,' Asey told her, 'that I'd p'vide your supper. Can I cook? Land alive, I cooked on more ships'n you could shake a stick at. Didn't you know I started my career at the age of nine, cookie' on a Banks fisherman? Tell me where you hide your potatoes, an' I'll make you Cape Cod Barefoot. An' spider bread, an' hasty pudding'.'
  'Barefoot? you're making it up,' Betsey said.
  'I ain't,' Asey returned. ' You may call it something' else, but it's real.'

I looked around online with the few ingredients he mentions and found this Newfoundland recipe that has to be Asey's barefoot.

This one counts for Bev's Vintage Scavenger Hunt 2016 Gold category Bird. that brings me up to 7 for Gold and 7 for Silver! Better than I thought I'd do and the year isn't over yet!

Peggy Ann


  1. I love these books. I usually read books, especially paperbacks, and then pass them on. I've been reading the Asey Mayo books since the 1980s and have now collected all of them. Good luck in your quest!

    1. Thanks, Joan. I've passed many up not remembering what I have already. I am making list on Wunderlist now though and I have it on my iPad and phone so when I'm at a shop I can quick look and see which ones I need!

  2. I'm going to give that recipe a miss!


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