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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Naples Maine Public Library

Every year when we go to Sebago Maine I hot-foot it up to the Naples library! They have a really nice ongoing book sale in their basement. The funds from it help restock their shelves upstairs.

Isn't their building lovely! A gorgeous old home.

All these shelves are books for sale. I've always had wonderful luck finding Scottish authors here too! This year I picked up a re-release of Ian Rankins very first book, two Isla Dewar's and six Alexander McCall Smith's!

Also found an Elisabeth Ogilvie I didn't have! And two lovely Sarah Orne Jewett books. I'm slowly reading The Country of the Pointed Firs now. She is from Maine and her books are full of lovely descriptions of Maine landscapes and life. Her family home is a museum and I would love to go someday. Margaret's Peace is set in Maine. Never heard of the author though. Paula Spencer by Roddy Doyle is the sequel to The Woman Who Walked into Doors, which I read and enjoyed.

I was lucky to find three Charles Wysocki puzzles in a couple different junk stores too! One of them is one I've been looking for quite a long time, The Lobster House! Can't wait for winter to get here to get started on puzzles again!

Notice the cardboard behind the puzzles? My house is full of boxes of kitchen cupboards and doors again. They've been sitting here for 2 weeks now waiting on the installer to come back and replace warped ones. Will it ever be done?!

Peggy Ann


  1. What a wonderful book sale. You a nice haul there. Love the Wysocki jigsaws.

  2. What a lovely library and great finds! When we were camping in Naples 10 years ago, I was not into collecting old books, but if I ever have the chance to go back.....!


    1. Make sure you do check it out if you go again, Paula!

  3. What a wonderful looking library and great book and puzzle finds. I loved The Country of the Pointed Firs but I read it as an ebook from Gutenberg I think. I love the Scotland Street series too. I hope those kitchen guys turn up soon!

    1. I got The Country of the Pointed Firs on Gutenberg but then found a nice paperback copy so thats what I'm reading.

      One of the pieces re-ordered for the kitchen is wrong! Now we have to wait on the re-order of the re-order. Sent the wrong size drawer front. Scheduled for install a week from Friday but if the part isn't in we will wait. Soon it will be done...


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