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Monday, August 22, 2016

More Snippets of Maine

I-95 Everyone in the car gets really excited about now!
Traffic is backed up. Starts in New Hampshire. 
Maine is Vacationland and everyone is on their way there!
It's always like this!

Stateline is in the center of this bridge!
There's a tiny sign to the right just above the red car that says Maine State-line

This is one of my favorite pics. Early morning. A fisherman going out
Notice the fog laying on the other side of the lake. Click on this one to see it really good!

The second cottage on the property.

The morning is the best time. The lake looks like diamonds!
Of course the evening light is amazing too.

Isa made little flags with our names on them so we made sure and not eat someone else's doughnut!
Evening light
Bug on our screen.

Kennebunk ME.

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  1. We are headed to Maine next month and I can't wait! I always let out a loud "Yahoo!" when we
    cross the Piscataqua River Bridge. Glad you had a wonderful time Peggy.


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