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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Miles the Dog

One of the best parts of our week at Sebago is always Miles. He is the resident German Shorthaired Retriever. This year Ian asked his owners if we could take him home with us! She said yes, he said NO!

There is an invisible fence and this is as far as Miles can go so I spend a lot of time on this rock with him leaning on me. If I sit on the ground he will back up and sit down on my lap just like he was a little kid. Wish I had gotten a pic of that! He's fast though and gets a drink of my coffee before I know what hit me!

Ian and his pal

My reading buddy!

Here are a couple from last year...

And his first year 2014,  8  or 9 weeks old..

and this is the kids with our beloved Butch. He and his wife Ann own the property. We will miss them when they sell the property. We look forward to seeing them and Miles as much as the lake!
 Boy, the kids have really grown a lot!

Peggy Ann

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  1. Miles is a lovely dog. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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