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Monday, August 29, 2016

J. Jefferson Farjeon Reprints

  If, like me, you read the reprint of Farjeon's Mystery in White last year and fell in love with his writing, you'll be glad to know Harper Collins is releasing new editions of his Ben the Tramp series this October!

  Ben was first introduced in Number 17, originally a play written by Farjeon and later turned into a book. The first original novel featuring Ben was then, The Detective Clubs, The House Opposite. He is a cockney tramp, ex-sailor in the merchant marines who finds himself solving murders.

  Four of the novels featuring Ben will be released on October 25th this year with the rest to follow next year. The Detective Club edition of The House Opposite will be released next month. You can check these out and pre-order them HERE.

Read a nice review on The House Opposite over at Cross Examining Crimes website

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