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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

We rode the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad recently. Booked the trip through Watagua Valley Railroad Historical Society and Museum. I guess we are officially old now. We're doing bus trips 😜 Somewhere I read it is a 1940's train, but now I can't seem to find the details to double check.

We caught a bus in Johnson city TN. for a 2 hr. trip to Bryson City NC to the train. We stopped in Asheville going down for lunch at J&S Cafeteria. I hadn't eaten in a cafeteria in years. I really enjoyed the meal.

This was just Bossman's dinner!

We did the Nantahala River Gorge Excursion.  I wasn't impressed with the scenery. We didn't wind through the Smokies like I thought we would and there really was only a short section along a lake that was gorgeous. Absolutely everything was covered in Kudzu vine and spoiled the beauty. Being late in making reservations we didn't have any choices except the coach car which were not air-conditioned. That would be fine on a sweet autumn day but it was high 90's with a heat index of 100 or more! Talk about hot! We ate our meal in the dining car so the last hour was in messed cool air! We had the choice of bringing a packed meal, purchasing a box lunch or the full meal experience in the dining car so we did that. The meal was pretty good too!

Without further adieu here are some snaps from the day...

This is an old bank bldg. couldn't find a date on it though

The old depot

Our coach. Not refurbished. Very basic!

Kudzu is everywhere! This vine came from Japan, is not a native plant here and has taken over the south. It literally covers anything that sits still. We saw a large piece of equipment that had been totally covered except a wee piece still sticking out! It's very invasive and impossible to get rid of.  These shots really show the reality of it! Click to enlarge

stepping between cars.

train potty!
trestle bridge

open air car where we spent most of our time!

Dining car (caught bossman chewing his gum!)

dining car

Crown car, refurbished and air-conditioned

We had a 30 minute stop along the Nantahala River near the Outdoors Center where they did White-water rafting. The river was full!
 Nantahala River
Kudzu again!

cooling my tootsies! Man, was this water frigid!

Kudzu flower

Passed this talc and limestone plant too. 

Included in our ticket was the model train museum in Bryson city

There you have it a day out on the train. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

Peggy Ann


  1. Kudzu is relentless! Your train trip sounds like fun, except for the heat and humidity. I love model trains, so I would like the train museum.

    1. They told us this museum was the second biggest in the US, Joan.

  2. Looks like a great trip, all of it. I did know about kudzu, but did not realize it was so bad. What shame.

  3. I have stayed in the Bryson City area a few times, but I haven't had the chance to ride the train yet. In that area, it can only be a beautiful ride! After living in North Georgia for 6 years, I am very familiar with kudzu. We humans sure know how to make a mess of things. ...Thanks for the photo tour.

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