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Friday, August 19, 2016

Asheville Antiques

We took a little ride over to Asheville NC  awhile back. It's about an hour from us. Its situated in such a lovely area. I wish I could say I got lots of pictures but I didn't. Bossman isn't one for stopping and letting me snap them. We weren't familiar with the area and there was lots of traffic too. He scoped out thrift shops before went and thats pretty much what we did. We stopped at about 3 and roamed the big beautiful mall and Barnes and Noble there.

We did find a huge antique shop and I did snap some pictures in there...

 These moose antlers were marked sold, darn! There was the pair of them and they were priced $525. I tried to pick one up and I barely could lift it! I was amazed at the sheer enormity of these things. I can't imagine carrying them on my head! Moose must have really strong necks!

 I could have looked all day, but Bossman wasn't too interested and hurried me on. Men!

This is a lovely church down in the Biltmore Village area. Even the McDonald's is in a building styled like this. The huge Vanderbilt estate, Biltmore is there. We didn't go there as thats a whole day trip. another time and I promise pictures of that! As you can see this one was shot out of the car window.

We had dinner out and all in all it was a restful day. Asheville is a nice place and we plan on going back and spending more time discovering it, now that we have the lay of the land.

Most important though I got four books at the thrift shops!

Including a Richard Lockridge! I've always wanted to read a Declan Burke too!

Have you been anyplace interesting lately?

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