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Monday, August 8, 2016

A Saltire in Maine

On our last trip to Maine we didn't do much except stay at the cottage and swim in the lake. The water temp was so nice and it is usually on the cold side. So I didn't get many pictures to share with you.  Sitting on the dock towards the end of the week it was quite windy and I noticed a flag down shore waving furiously and it was a Saltire, the flag of Scotland! How could I not have noticed it before!!

 This cool old all wooden boat puttered by another day, not sure what the flag on it is about. Makes me think of the Red Cross. Do you know what it is?

So many things to see on the lake, it's never boring.

I heard loons several days and Bossman was the lucky one to get see them. He said there were 3. No picture though.

Here's a man and his dog that floated by...

This huge old pine tree amazes me! I've never seen one with so many trunks to it! I counted 7 and one is broken off so it had 8! This is at the cottage next door to ours.

Can't go to Maine without stopping in to see Lenny the 1700 lb. moose. 1700 lbs. of chocolate that is!
He has his friends Mrs. Bear and two of her cubs with him. We've seen him before years ago but took the grandkids this year and Lenny is looking pretty worse for the wear. He's got lots of cracks!

Click on the photos to enlarge!

More to come!
Peggy Ann


  1. I think that's a Danish flag. Did you talk to the ones with the Saltire? I wonder what their connection to Scotland is. That's a beautiful lake and the place you stay looks peaceful and pretty.

    1. No I didn't talk to them, Joan. Their house is quite a distance. If you ever get a chance to check out Sebago Lake when your in Maine, do!

  2. I wonder why the Saltire too. Joan is right, that red and white one is a Danish flag. Maine is obviously nicely multi cultural. Lovely photos!

  3. This makes me want to visit Maine. Lovely grandkids too and they are growing up.

    1. I know its a long way from you Tracy, but do visit if you can. It's a lovely place. And stop here and stay with us on the way!

    2. I would love to visit you in Tennessee, Peggy. I have seen all the lovely places to visit nearby, and especially bookstores. And my family (only sister and brother now) are down in Alabama... But since I will be working another 3 or 4 years, I don't think we will be fitting in that kind of a trip for a while.


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