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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For Sale

We got a surprise when we got to our yearly cottage rental in Maine this year! The owners are selling! So sad! The grandkids are worried about next year! We adore Butch and his dog Miles and even if the new owners were to rent it wouldn't be the same. Hopefully it won't sell fast (shame on me). Butch said its just too much upkeep for him at his age.

Their only asking $950,000! Their farmhouse was built in 1830. Check out the pictures and info of the property here.

- Posted by Peggy Ann


  1. Quick, Peggy, play Powerball before the drawing Wednesday night!!

  2. Peggy,This place is so gorgeous! I can easily understand why you will be sorry for it to not be available after this year. I really hope that something else comes along for your Maine time next year.

  3. I don't suppose you were in a NH parking lot the other day? I was sure the woman next to me was you!

  4. I love Maine...what a spectacular place!


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