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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Excuse Me!

I've been fighting with squirrels over my bird feeders all summer as you know from a previous post. While roaming shops in Gatlinburg recently Bossman called me over and showed me a display with garden flags, T-shirts, coffee mugs etc with a pic he thought I would get a kick out of...

I got the flag...

The slinky did work to keep the squirrels from climbing down the line to the feeders but since I have the feeders in a tree it was virtually impossible to position it to keep them from climbing down a teeny tiny thin branch and jumping over to it and spilling it all out. They are tenacious little creatures. I finally relented and invested in another squirrel proof feeder (weight activated) and he's relegated to ground feeding now! Only thing is I get more variety of birds with the more open feeder, but too much seed was being eaten by the squirrels and the birds were missing out. It keeps the heavier birds like Starlings and Blackbirds from being piggies and eating it all too.

Have any of you seen this funny video of a spinning squirrel? This feeder is around $84 though!

Peggy Ann

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  1. Crazy - what a hoot!
    You need some pine martens to move into the area, but I'm not sure you have them in the US.


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