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Monday, July 18, 2016

Beautiful Blueberries

I've been busy freezing blueberries this last week. There's a bulk store near here that gets in a huge shipment of fresh Michigan blueberries each year. You sign up in advance for how many boxes you want and they call you when they are in and ready for pickup. Talk about sweet delicious berries! I can't get enough of them! Thanks to my sweet neighbor, Julie, who talked me into getting a Foodsaver, it's been a breeze freezing them. I got 20lbs. one whole shelf in my freezer is blueberries!

Baking is on the agenda now with the ones I didn't freeze. This yummy Wicked Good Blueberry Coffee Cake is a recipe from the Gray Whale Inn series by Karen MacInerney and I shared it before HERE. I spent the morning pinning blueberry recipes to my new board: Blueberries.

I LOVE the Foodsaver! No more freezer burn! Frozen foods will stay fresh longer in my freezer and I'll save lots of money and food! Julie suggested looking on QVC and after looking around I did find the best deal there. And they had a red one, that matches my kitchen! I got lots of bags and several freezer containers and a jar lid for freezing right in the jar. When you register it with Foodsaver.com you get free bags and emails for sales and promotions on accessories. Now when chicken breast, tenders, and steak are on sale I can load up without worry of waste. Not to mention when fresh veggies are in!

Do you have a Foodsaver? Any tricks or tips to share? How about your favorite blueberry recipe? Share a link in the comments!

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