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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Woody Woodpecker

My Red-headed Woodpecker! He was a little shy at first and flitted away at the first sign of movement but he's getting more brave now and coming more often. He's a good size bird. I adore him!

This one is the female Downy Woodpecker, much smaller than Woody.


  1. I love that red head! Our local woodpeckers in Reno just seem to be brown. But they work very diligently!

    1. Audra, the male Downy's have a red cap too, just much smaller than this one. Once in awhile a Pileated Pecker shows up on the light pole and he is about 15-17'' tall and has a totally red head and a massive beak! He doesn't come to the feeders though. The other day we had 2 red-headed peckers at the feeder at the same time and a baby Downy that momma was feeding!


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