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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Darkness and the Deep by Aline Templeton

'A lifeboat crashes on the shore of a small fishing village, leaving all three of its passengers dead. A tragic accident—perhaps—but Detective Marjory Fleming is not so sure …
The steep decline of the fishing industry has brought a new and bustling drug trade to town. Were the victims in over their heads? Or was this the work of a person so determined to kill one of the crew that he took two innocent lives?
The depressed, impoverished community is clamoring for justice, and Fleming is determined to unravel the mystery before the body count rises.'
Second in the DI Fleming Series and my second Aline Templeton book. I love her books. They always keep me interested and thinking about the book when I'm not reading. I like the re-occurring characters and their families. These books are set in Galloway, Scotland. A wonderful setting!
In this one we have three deaths in a lifeboat wreck. The lifeboat cox turned into the wrong inlet in a storm and the boat was wrecked on the rocks. A tragic accident. One of the detectives with a keen eye notices that there were two lights on the hill that shouldn't have been there. They were the signal for the correct inlet. Was someone luring them into the dangerous inlet with intent to murder? Not knowing which of the three people on the boat were the intended victim makes it very hard to determine a motive and a suspect.  And there are lots of suspects! Will they figure it out in time to prevent more deaths? Sure one minute I knew who it was and then not sure. A good who-dunnit that kept me pulled in and loving every minute of it!

Number 11 for the Read Scotland challenge! 
Peggy Ann

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