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Sunday, June 19, 2016


We haven't done any yard work or landscaping yet. Been to busy in the house this year. Next year we'll tackle the landscaping. There were thick green leaves breaking through the ground behind the butterfly bush and we didn't have a clue what it was and lo and behold it turned out to be a Calla lily of some kind! Only one bloom on it. I don't know anything about lilies so I'll have to read up and move it somewhere showier. There's quite a bit of color going on in the yard though...


Butterfly Bush ` It's a little spindly looking!

Common Lily

I didn't plant these Portulaca, they came up from previous years I guess. They left a lot of these pottery planters around the house when we bought it.

I picked up this birdhouse gourd at the festival in Hot Springs last weekend. The wind blew it down as I didn't have it secured well and I was pleasantly surprised when I picked it up to see a bird had already started a nest in it. I was concerned it wouldn't come back and finish it but it appears it has! Have yet to catch site of it working on it.

This plant is a Nandina Domestica and very prolific around here. I have them all around the house. These white clumps of flowers turn to messy clusters of red berries. I'm pretty sure most of these will go next year. Maybe I'll leave the ones on the side of the house. Notice the two bees in the close up!

Sadly, this is my lovely Crimson King Norway Maple. Not so lovely anymore :( . The only thing we can figure is when the plumbers put in the new waterline from the street to the house they cut a tap root or something. The new line goes past the tree to the left. You can just about see it in the pic. When we bought the house last year this tree was full and healthy. Hopefully it just got a shock and will come back next year. If not we are going to put in new trees. I'd love to have a Copper Beech or Tri-Colored Beech.

Boss man cut down several trees to make way for the garage. It's being built early fall and then we will put in new trees. Hope I live long enough to see them mature! I was so upset when he had our trees cut down, but life goes on. He has promised new trees though!

Our neighbor on one side has a very messy yard and we have to decide what to plant along the property line to hide it! Something that grows big and fast!

Thanks for walking around the yard with me!

Peggy Ann


  1. What a great tour of your garden, thanks. They do say that you should always leave it a year before doing anything in a new garden, just in case something lovely pops up. Those 'messy' Nandina red berries might be good food for those birds!

    1. I thought the birds might eat the berrie too, Katrina but they never touch them. They are quite large and cluster like grapes.

  2. Peggy,
    I have nandina plants in my yard which I like in certain places where I don't mind if they propagate and sort of take over an area. But, I am having to remove some where I have too many, and it's not an easy job. Thankfully, my husband is helpful with that task. I have used the berries to naturally decorate during the holidays, but that is the only use I have found for them.
    You have some lovely plants to use in your future landscape plans.


    1. We didn't have Nandina up home in PA. I also have a small Nandina in the front of the house that doesn't have those long multiple stalks. I am surprised mine seem to be contained after reading up on them about being invasive.


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