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Monday, May 16, 2016

Scenes of Tennessee

Just a few shots around Tennessee while I'm off laying on the beach in South Carolina!

Douglas Lake Part of the TVA and they keep the water low in the off season

Freshly tilled field

Early spring garden

View from 6,600ft. elevation in the Smokies

Gatlinburg TN

Shopping in Gatlinburg

Moonshine is now legal! There are how many shops that sell it and have free tastes in Gatlinburg.

Wild Turkey. See them on the time here.


  1. I love seeing the photos of your lovely part of Tennessee!


  2. Lovely pics. I've been to Gatlinburg, watched taffee (is that spelt right?) being made in a shop there and bought some. Delicious. There's an excellent Brew pub there where the food is *excellent*.

  3. It looks gorgeous. I hope you're enjoying SC but it looks like you might be missing TN already!

    1. It's good to be home now, Katrina. I missed my mountain and my birds.


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