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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Monday, May 30, 2016

New on My Shelf

A recent trip to Hilton Head Island, SC increased my book shelves by 12 books! I love their thrift stores. If only they had used book stores. Wouldn't a beach town be a good place for one? Maybe Hilton Headers don't spend much time reading...

I couldn't pass up these lovely older children's books. The covers are lovely and they are in such beautiful shape. I never heard of them before. I guess they were popular in the 1950's-60's. Did you read The Happy Hollisters? I found out they are available again in new paperbacks! Checkout the website here.

Found three Virago's too! I never come across those books. I think people who buy them tend to keep them always and forever.

The Happy Foreigner  - Enid Bagnold
The Third Miss Symons  - F.M. Mayor
The Rector's Daughter - F.M. Mayor

Three Alexander McCall Smith's
from the Corduroy Mansions series...
The Dog Who Came in From the Cold
A Conspiracy of Friends
and one Isabel Dalhousie series
The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday

The Shoemaker's Wife - Adriana Trigiani
The Vicar of Wakefield - Oliver Goldsmith

and two books in one edition from The Detective Book Club -
The Case of the Postponed Murder - Erle Stanley Gardner
Murder in Waiting - Mignon G. Eberhart
This edition was published in 1973 but looks brand new! There was a little bookmark on page 36. They didn't get very far in the story ;)

Have you read any of these?

Also picked up a Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle. Their really nice puzzles. This one is of a painting I love...

There were several Scrabble games for just 50 cents so I picked up a couple for the letter tiles to make crafts with.

P.S. the installers are here today ripping out kitchen cabinets! The new ones were delivered on the 26th and we've been walking around huge boxes in 3 rooms of the house. Will be glad to get this room done!

Peggy Ann


  1. What a great haul! First, I love the painting on that puzzle, too. Second, I have heard of The Happy Hollisters. I remember them from my childhood, but I don't remember actually reading any of them. Third, I used to be a member of that mystery book club that sent out volumes of two or three mysteries in each. At some point, maybe this last move, I decided to get rid of them. Of course, I regret that!

    1. I have a couple editions of the book club books. I usually pick them up whenever I see them if their in nice shape. I always regret getting rid of books after I do! But we can't keep them all.

  2. A great haul. You do know that the artist Jack Vettriano who painted The Singing Butler comes from Fife don't you?

    1. I did not! Pretty cool! I love his use of color.


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