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Monday, May 23, 2016

Bush's Beans

If your ever visiting The Smoky Mountain National Park and Gatlinburg you have to stop by The Bush's Beans Visitor Center in nearby Chestnut Hill TN. It is a fun little side stop. There's a museum of the company's history and a film about the family business and tour of the plant, a lovely gift shop and cafe. You can get your picture taken with Duke the famous dog from the commercials (not the real dog, but a scene to stand in front of).

I've always bought Bush's brand canned goods and love the silly commercials with Jay Bush and Duke. If you've never seen them, Duke the dog is always trying to sell the family recipe for their baked beans and Jay is always just catching him. Take a look...

Here are a few pics I took when we stopped recently...

In business since 1908

The plant right across the street

Me and the guys!

I weigh 105,984 beans! Fun scale to stand on and see what your weight in beans is.

Jay and Duke

 Displays in the museum

100 year old canned tomatoes  and canning tool
our pic with Duke

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