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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Babies Everywhere!

We were just away for a week and came home to babies everywhere! Birds and rabbits that is!

Baby Thrasher

Mom and two baby Thrashers

Feeding her baby!

Starling mom feeding her little starling!

Baby Starlings

Wait mom, don't go with out me!

There were multiple mom and baby Starling pairs in the yard feeding. Only the one set of Thrashers. I didn't get any pictures of the bunnies but there are quite a few hopping around.


  1. Are they ground nesters? Lucky you to see the families. And I do so love rabbits. We have one we see most every year but never any more. They must be well hidden in the woods, and that one just happens to like the grass next to the barn so she wanders a bit to eat it. Kind of like traveling to a much loved restaurant!

    1. No their not ground nesters, Nan. I've read that the nesting habits of Starlings are a problem as they make nests in any open cavity they find as in dryer vents, stove exhaust vents, chimneys. They are kinda taking over my feeders! I liked it better when they stuck to the front lawn getting the bugs! I love the Thrashers though.

  2. They're so much fun to watch, aren't they?

    1. They are Joan! We had 2 red-headed woodpeckers at the same time today!

  3. We have a lot of baby bunnies hopping around, thankfully not in the garden though. My sparrows haven't even hatched out yet.

    1. We are ahead in seasons here, from home anyway. By a good month.


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