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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Historic Home

There is a beautiful home on Main St. here in Greeneville that just sold. Sotheby's International Realty sold it. It's on the National Historical Register, built in 1905. I thought, I'd love to get inside that house! I bet it's going for a bundle! Last weekend they had an estate sale and I got to go inside! It sold for a mere $750,000!

I took lots of pictures inside but it was the third and final day of the sale so most of the furnishings were already gone. Some of the bigger pieces were still waiting to be picked up and a few things still hadn't sold. But it looked like a place someone was moving out of. Looking around online I found the realty listing and they have a lovely video of the home fully furnished. You have to jump over and look at it quick before they take it down! HERE!  Scroll down after the video for a photo gallery of the home. There are lots of lovely old historic homes here but this one is the biggest and loveliest.

We did buy something! A pair of solid walnut nightstands. They are beautiful. I've never owned anything so nice. There's a date stamp on them for 1960. Most everything was half off the last day of the sale too so we got a nice deal. On the back it's stamped The Davis Cabinet Co. Nashville, TN.  Solid Walnut. I looked around and found that company is still in business, since 1929. The nightstands were in a bedroom with a huge four poster bed. Very old and very short. The weed that Bossman is he would never fit in it and you have to have a huge room for a bed like that and you'd have to special order bedding, I'm sure! Not to mention that the bed was $6,000 and not on sale for half price!

The attic in this house was huge! There was a pool table and an old foosball table. There were lots of couches and chairs and a small stage where the children put on plays. I got a couple shots of up there, but remember I'm no photographer!

I really liked what they did with this old door outside for a pottery bench!

And this lovely swing outside is to die for, wish I had a big enough branch to have a swing at my house. I love to swing! Do you?

Here's close ups of the dining room mural and the tile over the stove in the kitchen.

I adore roaming around old houses! Don't you! Be sure and look at the realtor's pictures before they are taken down!

Peggy Ann


  1. That house is gorgeous. I love those old colonial style beds. I knew there was something that I neglected to do - win the lottery!
    Lucky you getting the lovely walnut cabinets.

    1. Wish I could find the dressers to match somewhere for a song and a dance. Wishful thinking!

  2. Wow, Peggy, what a house! I'm not sure whether I love the beautiful landscaping or the interior better! I also really like all of the windows in the sunroom. I'm so happy that you were able to purchase those nightstands - what a great find:)


    1. Can't imagine living in a house like that, Paula. So much space I'd get lost!


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