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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Library Book Sale

It's over for another year! The Greeneville Public Library puts on one heck of a book sale! Over 100,000 books! I had the wonderful pleasure of helping set up and work the sale. I thought it would be a great way to just dive into the community here and meet people who also love books. I had a blast!

They have it in a large warehouse owned by the Methodist Church. Tons of floor space! Very organized with so many categories. Well laid out. I just can't brag about them enough.

We each got to get a box and put our name on it and as we put books out if we saw something we wanted we put it in our box. The day before the sale we had to pay for our books and get them out of the way. I made a haul! Mostly all old hardbacks. What's left now that the sale is over will sit in wait until May 21st, the Iris Festival in town, and then they will have another $2 a bag day and finish up.

I found two Ruth Moore books! She's a Maine author and her books are set in coastal Maine. I've reviewed a couple of her books earlier.  I love her books. I already have Spoonhandle, but not this lovely first edition with the dust jacket! Isn't it lovely? Below is the inside book ends. 

 This 1944 well used cookbook was a fun find! There's a handwritten recipe on the inside cover for Jam Cake and Devils Food Cake too.

 A gorgeous 1908 copy of Mary Roberts Rineharts The Circular Staircase, and a 1928 copy of S.S. Van Dine's The Greene Murder Case with this lovely title page and photo of the Greene family.

Doctor Luke of the Labrador looks like brand new but it's a 1904 edition! It has lovely end covers inside too.  

Here's a list of what I got ...

3 by Scottish author A.J. Cronin:
A Pocket Full of Rye
The Green Years
Shannon's Way
The Gray Wolf - George MacDonald
The Greene Murder Case - S.S. Van Dine
The Circular Staircase - Mary Roberts Rinehart
Doctor Luke of the Labrador - Norman Duncan (get it free here!)
The Blessing - Nancy Mitford
The Forsyte Saga - John Galway
At Fault - Kate Chopin
A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman
The Fiend - Margaret Millar
The Perfect Murder - HRF Keating
The Gabriel Hounds - Mary Stewart
Cake and Ale - W. Somereset Maugham
Fear Stalks the Village - Ethel Lina White
2 Miss Read books: Christmas at Fairacre and The School at Thrush Green
2 Agatha Raisin: Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective and A Holiday for Murder
2 Charlotte Bronte: Villette and Shirley
2 Richard Lockeridge: Murder for Arts Sake and Murder Roundabout
2 D.E. Stevenson: Shoulder the Sky and The House on the Cliff
2 Ruth Moore: A Fair Wind Home and Spoonhandle
 and for the grandkids...
2 Calvin and Hobbes books
How to draw Horses 
How to draw Mythical Worlds
for my son...
Basic Landscape Techniques

Wow that's 33 books! Seven of those are by Scottish authors too. I'm going to have to move my Scottish books to a larger bookcase!

Looking forward to Jonesborough's big book sale in September now! 

Peggy Ann


  1. That looks wonderful - the library itself must be huge! What a good selection you got - such lovely books. The 1944 cookbook caught my eye, with the liver and pigs' feet recipes etc. My mother used to cook pigs' feet - we called them pigs' trotters. My dad loved them - I thought they were disgusting!

    1. Surprisingly, Margaret, it is really on the small size! I was amazed that it would have such a large sale! Whoever said Tennessean's are illiterate was crazy! If so where did all these books come from? Hillbillies have gotten a bum rap! My family are Appalachian hillbillies!

  2. What a wonderful thing, Peggy! All those books to choose from. And what a great haul you got. The Miss Read Christmas book will be a gorgeous comfy Christmas read for you. And I'm very envious of the two D.E. Stevensons you found.

    1. I found those Stevenson books in the last hour of the sale as I was working straightening up books, Cath! I almost missed them!

  3. What great books! They should keep you reading for a while.

    1. I'll never run out of books, Joan, I buy them faster than I can read them. But I could be wasting money on lottery or cigarettes!

  4. Replies
    1. I have several old cookbooks, Patty. I love them!

  5. You got some great books there, Peggy. I am particularly interested in the Margaret Millar book. And I haven't had any luck finding books (at sales) by Ethel Lina White.

    1. Tracy, I had that Millar book in my box last month when working to set up and decided to put it back for a different book. I inadvertently picked up an AJ Cronin book I already had so went to exchange it the first day of the sale and looked for that Millar book and it was gone :( the last hour of the sale I happened on it in a different spot than I had left it, Yeah for me! I was very surprised at the Ethel Lina White book too, have never come across one of hers!

  6. Wow! What a fun sale and great finds. Almost worth the trip to Tennessee:)


    1. Yes it would be Paula, you might have to come twice next year!

  7. Wonderful finds! I love AJCronin. I feel like his characters are so real. The Citadel was my favorite by him.

    1. I've managed to collect 5 of them now, Candyce, but have yet to read one. This year for sure!

  8. Another author I just love is Nevil Shute. Try him sometime! I do love D.E. Steveson too. Nice finds.


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