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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Correction! I Was Wrong!

In my post on the book Indian Peter by Douglas Skelton I stated that the Gnadenhutten Massacre happened well after Peter was back in Scotland and he must have inserted himself in the story after hearing of it back home. And that the rivers were wrong. He was a tall taler after all. But I was wrong! Can you imagine that? :) My apologies to Douglas Skelton. There were two Gnadenhutten's! When I googled Gnadenhutten and New Gnadenhutten the first time, I only got info up on the Ohio one. But when I googled Gnadenhutten Pennsylvania 1755...There it was! The first one was in Pennsylvania and there was a raid on it in 1755! It was near Bethlehem PA. and the Lehigh River. I've learned something new!

Read about this massacre HERE
and check out the update I added to the original post  and while your there pick a number to win the book!

Thanks for understanding!
Peggy Ann

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