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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Bean Barn

In just our little jaunts to the local hardware store, grocery, water company etc. I can see there are lots of great little places in town to blog about. So much history here. Lots of Civil War history and an American president lived here, Andrew Johnson, and there is lots to do about him here. Looks like quite a lot about abolitionist too. But most of that will have to wait until spring when we have more time to do some sightseeing.

But we did eat lunch at the quaintest little joint that I think will be a regular haunt for us. It's a little tiny place, doesn't seat a whole lot, simple grill fare and the best pinto beans ever! Thus the name The Bean Barn. A real hometown place that serves breakfast and lunch. It does have a feel of a barn inside and it is filled to the rafters with antiques and memorabilia, all for sale. It just felt like Tennessee sitting in there and if you ever come to my house your going to lunch at the Bean Barn.

Your pretty much looking at the entire seating in the restaurant! There are several tables in the back left corner and the table we are sitting at too which you can't see as its behind me.

I didn't know Shredded Wheat was originally made in Niagara Falls! The box looks like new.

This soap had been sold at a popular gas station of old Sinclair Gas.
Their logo was a large green dinosaur. I remember them from when I was small.

How cool, in 1951 the TN license plate was shaped like the state!
I wouldn't mind having this on my wall. They have two of them!

Have you ever had pinto beans and cornbread? Hillbilly all the way and delicious! I like chopped onions in mine. Bossman thought I was nuts the first time I cooked them for dinner and sat that in front of him for his meal. But he loves them now! I'll make a hillbilly out of him yet!

On another note, we moved to TN to get away from wicked winter and enjoy the mild ones here. Yesterday we had 3 inches of snow, everything shut down. They don't have the road equipment to plow and salt etc. Within a couple hours there were 6 major accidents out on I-81 that shut down one lane both north and south. They eventually got the main roads fairly cleared, but the side roads and all the parking lots were never plowed. Our subdivision never saw a plow. Our neighbor from Michigan told us not to get out on the roads as these people have no idea how to drive in snow and we would be taking our lives into our own hands. Our driveway is very steep so we didn't go out at all yesterday. Everywhere you go there's a very steep hill! But today it got up to 41* and it mostly melted. Now we are in for a MAJOR winter storm coming at midnight tonight (Friday). They are expecting 5-9 inches of snow here in our area! I can't imagine how they will cope with how they handled 3! It's suppose to start off with ice and a nasty wintery mix. Needless to say we went out today while we could and ran some errands, that's how we know they don't plow store parking lots! Not even a big store like Lowes! We stopped at the cable company to pay the bill and it was closed! Techs were going in and said 'oh no ma'am they wouldn't be open today'! They didn't even go out on their install jobs! So we stocked up on food, got a few things for jobs around the house and we are hunkered in for 3-4 days. The gal at the pharmacy said she was from Indiana and in the eight years she's been here they've never had weather like they are predicting this weekend. Lucky us! She said she even got rid of all her warm winter clothes a few years after she got here as she never got to wear them. But by Monday/Tuesday we will be back up to 40's and sunshine. The snow won't lay long. My son in Maryland is looking at the worst of the storm, close to 2 ft. of snow! The grandkids will love it though! 

If you live in an area being hit by this blizzard be safe!

Peggy Ann


  1. I remember Sinclair Gas and those green dinosaurs, too. It's amazing how much you forget until someone or something prods your memory.
    Here in Philly, we're supposed to get about 15", which, as a New Englander, doesn't seem like much. I remember an April storm in MA that dumped 3' of snow on us. Also remember shoveling the driveway every day for a week because it just kept snowing! It is often the other drivers you have to watch out for, especially if they don't have experience driving in snow. Be safe.

  2. What a fun little place to eat and lots of memorabilia! I do remember the Sinclair Gas Stations and the dinosaur. And my father's favorite was beans and cornbread and 'sweet milk' as he called it. Definitely a country food in Texas too. As to the weather and no plowing - they probably don't have plows. We don't down here. We only get snow every few years - get ice storms more often. And everything shuts down - everything. But it was the same when we lived in Portland, Oregon too. No plows. Not enough snow to bother with the expense. Welcome to the milder climates. We'll talk in the summer with the humid and heat. LOL

  3. That looks like my kind of place. I'm so glad that you have stumbled across such an interesting place to retire to. In my head I've already bought some stuff from that shop, which is how I've managed to fit in the rocking chair!

  4. I love The Bean Barn. I wonder if there is one anywhere in New York City. Sadly, all of the older family-type restaurants and cafes have been gentrified out of neighborhoods. But I surely like the description and photos of this place.
    Abolitionists in Tennessee? Can't wait to read about them.

    Also, New York is snowed in. Travel ban went into effect this afternoon. No buses. People stranded outside subway stations. Supposed to be lifted at 7 a.m. Sunday.

    Most people didn't go outside. However, saw children playing in the snow. A friend's puppy in Philly romped in his first snow. So, children and dogs love it.


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