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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Strip District, Pittsburgh

A couple friends and I made a trip down to the Strip District in Pittsburgh. I've lived here for over 20 years and just never went, so we made it a priority to go before I leave. It's a small shopping district, just a 1/2 mile. Several different ethnic grocery stores and lots of Pittsburgh sports team stores, and hippie type shops. I was a little disappointed in it really. It looks so big and busy on TV. In reality It's a short street and other than the ethnic stores, Wholey's Fish Market, a fun candy shop, and a few coffee shops, the other stores are quite repetitive. Maybe I didn't see all of it, but the company I was with made the day great!

Lydia is from the Philippines and shopping with her in the Asian stores was great fun. I love Lumpia and haven't had it in years and years. She gave me her recipe and helped me get the proper wrappers and noodles for other recipes. She's promised to make me Lumpia before I go.

Shelley and Lydia

We ate Pad Thai and BBQ chicken on a stick from an Asian food truck. I shared mine with a little bird that sat beside me the whole time.

This is Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. an Italian Grocery and I loved it the best. The fresh baked bread and hundreds of cheeses from all over the world!

Lydia and I with Bill from Wholey's Fish Market

There's also a Lidia's Restaurant a street over. Lidia Bastianich a wonderful Italian cook on TV owns 7 restaurants throughout the US and Pittsburgh is lucky to have one. I've never gotten to eat at it though. I've made some of her recipes and they are delicious! Be sure and check out her website by clicking on her name above.

Maybe the summer is a better time to visit and we've made a date to go again (and eat at Lidia's!).

Peggy Ann


  1. Great photos! I was half expecting you to have found a book shop! I like the fish on sale - more for my wife and son than me - I'm more of a red meat person!

    1. There was one book shop, Colman. But it was new books not old, passed it right by.

  2. I wish I could have gone with you! What was in the hippie type shops? crystals and such?

    1. Yes, and those tye-dyed clothes one size fits all, hats, incense etc.


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