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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gay Nineties Dinnerware

In taking things I no longer needed to the charity shop I found a lovely set of very different dishes and just couldn't pass them up! A whole set of 54 pieces! Only $30! Gorgeous shape. Some plates have a little age crazing on them but not a chip on a one. Now I can get rid of the Corelleware I've been using forever and a day. That stuff never breaks!!!  Maybe I better store it in the basement though :)

Vintage Gay Nineties dinnerware by Stetson China Co. circa 1950's.

Info about Stetson China Co.

Check out old advertisements for Stetson China Co.


  1. LOL, but I wouldn't have been able to pass up on buying that set either!

    1. I might even have to take to putting them in the China cupboard and find somewhere else for my cookbooks!


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