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Friday, November 13, 2015

Free Finds Friday

Maybe one of these will interest you?

Alice Lorraine: A Tale of the South Downs by R.D. Blackmore
is a sensation novel, published in 1875. Set in Sussex and Spain during the Napoleonic Wars, the novel recounts the divergent tales of the eponymous heroine and her brother in their efforts to save the noble Lorraine family from ruin. Blackmore also wrote Lorna Doone.

'Six fatherless girls - the Scollard sisters Margery, Happie, Laura, Penny, Polly and their friend Gretta - are living in a flat in New York City and decide to open a tearoom. Following their father's death their mother has had to go to work for a large firm to support her family, which also includes a son, Bob, who is himself working and trying to provide support. The girls decide it's their turn to help make ends meet.'

One in a series. Read a nice review of this book here. Get it here.

I can't find a thing about this author and she interests me immensely. Her last name is Scottish for sure. Would love to know where she is from. If any of you know anything about her let me know!

I can't find a thing about this book, but it appears the author has several parody books. Again a Scottish name. The cover on this one grabbed my attention.

Get here.

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