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Friday, November 6, 2015

Free Finds Friday

Here's a good old vintage mystery. I've only read one Carolyn Wells and didn't like it but I'll give her another go. She seems to be popular.  Get it here.

A Fleming Stone Detective Story!

A cry of “Fire!”, a murder, and the voluntary confession of three people to the crime.

Such is the crux of Author Carolyn Wells’ gripping story of love and mystery. Once again, the reliable Fleming Stone is called upon to clear things up ... and he will surely delight the reader by doing so in his usual unusual way!

This book is one of series for boys.

'Dave Dawson and Freddy Farmer are sent to Washington to receive a flying assignment as officers on the Aircraft Carrier Indian, on Pacific duty. But their primary job is to ferret out the Axis spies that are operating in the U.S. Navy. Nazi agents try to kill them before they even reach the carrier. Then the fun really begins.'

It seems to get high marks on goodreads! Get the book here.

Another one for boys. One in a small series of swashbuckling tales. Couldn't find any synopsis on it though. I love these old covers!

Get it here.


  1. I love Carolyn Wells' Fleming Stone. He usually doesn't show up until halfway through the book and then he immediately correctly deduces absolutely everything about everyone. He's the Man!

    1. I've only read one of hers, Audra and I didn't care for it. I liked Fleming and the boy that helped him but the rest of the characters just irritated the crap out of me. I'll try another one though, that might of been a one off.


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