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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dead White by Gwen Parrott

'During the harsh winter of 1947, Della Arthur arrives at a remote Pembrokeshire village in the middle of a snowstorm to take up her new job as headteacher of the local primary school. Losing her way from the train station, she comes across a farmhouse and takes shelter there. After finding two dead bodies inside, Della struggles to discover the truth behind their deaths. She soon realises that in this close-knit community, secrets and lies lurk beneath the surface of respectability.

Della must choose who to trust among the inhabitants of this remote village – should she reveal what she knows to the sardonic minister of the local chapel, Huw Richards, or the Italian prisoner of war, Enzo Mazzati? Della finds herself under siege on all sides, and encumbered by an unwelcome lodger, a missing colleague and a disturbed pupil. It is only when her own life is threatened that she understands how dangerous her discoveries in the farmhouse really were.'

This is the first in the popular Welsh crime series, Della Arthur Murder Mysteries.  Now available in the English language in digital format.  Many thanks to Pageturners Crime Publications for bringing this wonderfully written book to us and giving me a review copy for my honest opinion! I'd love to have this series in paperback to keep on my shelf! 

Well researched period novel.  You are transported back in time to the days of WWII and rationing. With fully developed characters that you connect to, a vivid sense of place and a solid whodunit with lots of twists and turns to keep you interested. You'll have a hard time putting this book down. I did!

I wasn't sure how to pronounce the Welsh names and towns, but enjoyed the flavor they added. A pronunciation glossary might have been a help for those of us who don't know Welsh. I can't wait to read more of Della Arthur and re-visit Pembrokeshire. 

If you enjoy 1940's crime fiction then this is one you will definitely want to pick up!

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